Paypal Betting Sites (July 2019)

With so many bookmakers and gambling sites that accept paypal to choose from, which betting site do you choose for your paypal betting?

Based on reputation, trust, limits and fees, we list the top choices for betting with paypal below.

Rated 4.9/5 (937 votes)
Our No.1 Paypal Bookmaker - Bet365!
Our No.1 choice for to bet with paypal has to be Bet365. Instant deposits mean no hanging around to get your bet on with only a few hours to see it credited back to your paypal betting account with 0% fees.
Rated 4.8/5 (471 votes)
£5 Minimum at Paypal Bookmaker - Betfair!
A low minimum deposit amount makes Betfair another good choice to be your choice for paypal betting. They do take up to 24 hours to credit back to your paypal account, but that's still fast.
Rated 4.6/5 (35 votes)
Fast Growing Paypal Bookmaker - Novibet!
Novibet have recently added paypal betting to their list of deposit methods, which is welcome news for this fast growing website. Instant deposits, fast withdrawals - paypal betting will be seamless at Novibet.
Rated 4.4/5 (323 votes)
0% Fees at Paypal Bookie - Unibet!
Unibet promise no fees to use paypal betting to fund your account. The minimum deposit is £10, but deposits are instant and fast withdrawals make this a definite contender for your paypal betting.
Rated 4.2/5 (21 votes)
New Paypal Bookmaker - MansionBet!
This new paypal bookmaker is here to stay and are definitely worth a shot when considering which website to bet with paypal. £10 minimum deposit is fair enough, so give them a try!
Paddy Power
Rated 4.6/5 (550 votes)
Paddy Power
Giant UK Paypal Bookie - Paddy Power!
This paypal betting site comes with a fantastic reputation for customer service, so Paddy Power make this list with ease. Very fast withdrawal times of 1-4 hours and 0% fees make it an easy choice to do your paypal betting.
William Hill
Rated 4.5/5 (523 votes)
William Hill
Long Standing Paypal Bookmaker - William Hill!
William Hill also have paypal betting as an option and this website has been around forever! A low deposit of £5 makes it attractive, along with 0% fees and instant deposits. A definite option to be your paypal betting site.
Rated 4.4/5 (338 votes)
0% Fees at UK Paypal Bookie - BetVictor!
This paypal bookie has slightly slower withdrawal times, but 0% fees and instant deposits, along with a fantastic reputation make it a good choice to do all your betting with paypal.
Rated 4.0/5 (372 votes)
£5 Deposit & 0% Fees at Paypal Bookmaker - Coral!
Coral are another paypal bookmaker with a low deposit of just £5 and 0% fees on top! Fast withdrawals make it another obvious choice for our top 10 list.
Rated 4.0/5 (55 votes)
Global Giant Paypal Bookie - 888Sport!
888Sport are a huge company, so trust is no concern here when betting with paypal. Not the smallest limit at £20 minimum deposit, but well worth a look!

Paypal Betting Guide

Online, or remote bookmaking makes up around a third of the annual spend on gambling in the UK and while some bricks and mortar bookies have closed their doors, the interest in online betting options continues to thrive.

Whether it’s to spin some slots, play other casino games, or place bets on sporting events, the demand is huge and growing and consequently, online betting sites, are adapting to meet this need.

That’s why these days PayPal is accepted as a payment and/or withdrawal method by so many great sites.

Not all online bookmakers accept PayPal in any form, and amongst those who do, not all of them as yet allow new players making PayPal deposits to take advantage of joining bonuses such as cash matches. However, this is also changing and some of the most progressive sites are now doing so.

Above is a quick peek at some of the top online bookmaking sites which accept PayPal, along with a look at their minimum and maximum deposit limits and new user bonus offers, which you can see by clicking through to the bookmaker.

Online Betting Payment Methods

Traditionally, debit and credit cards were the preferred way to transfer credit into an online bookmaking account, but PayPal has worked its way into this field with great effect. It is seen as an increasingly convenient option for any player, and not only for those who wish to gamble online but don’t have a credit card or a bank account.

It also suits those who don’t feel comfortable sharing sensitive information online. Of course, PayPal can also be linked to credit and debit cards - providing an instant funding form with an extra layer of security for peace of mind.

More and more online bookmakers are happy to accept credits through the PayPal platform and to refund winnings to a PayPal account too. The major exception here is for (most) North Americans, who cannot make gambling site deposits directly to PayPal.

Instead, they must transfer cash from PayPal to another e-wallet provider. This is because transactions involving gambling can only take place in locations or areas which hold the appropriate licence allowing them to do so.

For players in the UK and Europe and all other areas served by PayPal, this is a secure and protected way to manage money transfers.

PayPal is well established in the virtual gambling world

As the first digital wallet provider, PayPal broke new ground and, rather inevitably, had its fair share of teething problems in the process. It was (and still is) a popular way to transfer cash between personal contacts, and to buy items from sites such as eBay and Amazon.

It has long had ties to online gambling sites, although these made up less than 10% of the company’s total income back then, and the majority of users were based outside of the UK.

After merging with eBay in 2002 most of the online gambling connections were jettisoned and not resumed until seven years later, in 2009. The first online gambling site to offer PayPal to their customers was BetFair, followed by other companies, some of which are household names, including William Hill, Ladbrokes, Bet 365, Paddy Power, and PartyPoker.

Using PayPal on an Online Betting Site

PayPal is a valuable asset for online punters, offering a safe, secure and convenient way to both deposit and withdraw from your bookmaking account, and both signing up and getting started are straightforward processes.

You can join by opening the PayPal site and clicking on the ‘sign up’ button, then choosing the personal account option. You will need to add personal details such as your name, and devise a password. Of course, as with any online site this should be unique but something you can remember.

Once registered the next step is to add funds, which means linking your bank account to the site. You can also receive deposits from others via PayPal, say you share the costs of a lunch out, or selling something on Facebook, but it’s easiest to get started by making a small transfer from your bank to your PayPal account.

This should be pretty instant. PayPal also offers the option to verify your bank account, which is worth doing as in the long term it rates your account as more reliable to other users, and allows you to make larger deposits and withdrawals.

Verification involves PayPal making one or two small deposits (think 1p or 2p) with a special code attached. You simply check your bank statement and enter the code into the appropriate section of the site. It’s that simple.
Once you have set up your PayPal account you just need to choose this as the deposit and withdrawal method on the online betting site you register with.

Deposits made to that account via PayPal are usually in the account instantly, while withdrawals can take a few days. As each betting website has its own rules on this, it’s worth checking the small print. Overall though it’s normal to wait between 3-5 working days for any winnings requested to appear in your bank account.

PayPal Plus Points

There are lots of reasons why PayPal is the perfect payment option, which in turn makes PayPal betting sites a sound and popular choice for many millions of people.

  • It’s well established, and trusted by customers worldwide. Top class, sophisticated encryption is in place to protect your account and personal information. PayPal is always monitoring accounts and is quick to act on anything which indicates possible suspicious activity.
  • It provides a privacy layer which protects your personal bank account details, which has the added benefit of recording your bank statement transactions to PayPal, rather than to a gambling site.
  • It’s convenient, being accepted by the top betting sites around, and accessed either via a web browser or a dedicated app for mobile devices.
  • In general, online bookmakers do not charge customers any fee for using PayPal as their payment and withdrawal method. - Transfers from an online betting site to your bank account are free, although there is a small fee for all deposits paid into it, and the usual charges (2.9%) apply for cash deposits made to your PayPal account via a credit or debit card.
  • When withdrawing money from an online bookmakers, PayPal is one of the faster options available.

Paypal Betting Overview

There’s no doubt that PayPal is a fast, safe, easy to use and very convenient payment option for anyone who wants to use an online bookmakers. It provides a great alternative to the traditional means of using credit or debit cards directly to fund deposits or handle withdrawals.

It’s a method which is now available on the top rated; most respected and trusted online bookmaker sites, so why not take advantage of all it has to offer!