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Updated: 23/3/2019
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Pinnacle Sports Review

Pinnacle Sports might not be up there with some of the big brand bookmakers that lead the way in the sports betting market. However, it is an online bookmaker that was established nearly 20 years ago in 1998 and has been a consistent operator in the market ever since.

The company was re-branded to just Pinnacle on 1stJune, 2016 after the bookmaker acquired the domain name from B2B technology distributor Avnet. However, the bookmaker is still commonly and affectionately referred to as Pinnacle Sports.

Boasting a customer base that is spread across more than 100 countries with its product available in 19 different languages, Pinnacle Sports offers some of the most versatile sports betting services in the world of online gambling.

The headquarters for the company is located on the Netherlands colonial island of Curacao. The bookmaker is fully licensed and regulated by the Government of the Netherlands Antilles. Makes a change from the norm. Pinnacle Sports has also recently confirmed that it also possesses a Maltese gaming licence for the purposes of sports betting.

In 2010, Pinnacle Sports became one of the pioneering brands of sports betting when it became one of the first online bookies to offer odds on a range of esports markets. The esports market has since surged to a stratospheric level proving that Pinnacle Sports tapped into a good thing early on.

Bookie Offers & Promotions

Unfortunately, Pinnacle Sports does not offer a range of promotions at the time of this review. When you eventually find the promotions link that is tucked away down the very bottom of the home page you can click on it. However, it will then re-direct you to an information page about what Pinnacle Sports can offer customers. It appears that bonuses and promotions are not offered.

That is very disappointing to see from the online bookmaker. In an age when sports betting takes advantage of promotional offers to give customers a bit more bang for their buck it seems almost unthinkable.

It is not 100% certain if an absence of promotions and bonus offers is a long term stance or if it is just a temporary situation as the bookmaker looks to address that side of things. Depressingly, for the time being, we are unable to provide a review in this section because there is no material to peruse.

User Experience

Straight off the bat we are going to get to it with this design review. It's a little bit on the self-important side. We are repeatedly reminded that Pinnacle Sports offers the best online sports betting odds, it has an unrivalled reputation (although it doesn't state what reputation that is exactly!), it has the best value odds, and that nobody else on the market offers higher limits.

You are exposed to all this information before you are even given a sneak peek of the odds for sports markets. It feels as if Pinnacle Sports has actually forgotten why it exists. It is more focused on the bragging rights. Not that this bookmaker has much to brag about from what we have seen so far.

The overall design is far too professional and corporate for our liking. If it wasn't for the brief glimpse of sports imagery on the left and right margins you would think you had entered the website of a law firm or recruitment consultancy firm. It is bland and it is too congested with pointless crap.

It isn't all rubbish. The bookmaker does well to make the in-play markets prominent on the left hand side column. That is then quickly followed by an A-Z of sports markets. However, the closest you get to seeing the odds of current markets or upcoming markets is via a set of tabs below the section where Pinnacle Sports massages its own ego for a few paragraphs.

Pinnacle Sports does do a good job of promoting its other brands by putting them as tab links at the top of the page. It is also a great decision to make esports very obvious. However, giving such importance to betting resources but then shunning instantly available markets seems a bit bizarre.

The colour scheme of blue, white, orange, and green is also a tiny bit off. It was a bad decision to use those colours for the Pinnacle brand and that shows on this site. It does little to stir the interest of visitors to the site and just feels unimaginative.

Due to the poor site design, the navigation of the site is negatively impacted. As mentioned in the design section, the main issue is not being able to view any odds on the landing page. The vast majority of rivals bookies online offer the latest markets almost immediately. There is no such indication of that here.

We have already come to understand that Pinnacle Sports are ignoring their promotions page. That is the equivalent of a football club turning a cold shoulder towards its youth set-up. It doesn't make any sense. Any wise bookmaker knows the promotions can be a huge revenue spinner. How can Pinnacle Sports not even offer a welcome bonus? Is it only available through some secret handshake or code word?

To be fair, the listing of the in-play markets and the A-Z sports list is a minor highlight for the page. It just begs belief that they would then not only avoid putting the latest markets on a list below their self-appreciative narrative on the main body of the page but instead choose to link to them. What percentage of customers will they lose by doing that? It is astounding from a business point of view.

It really is hard to find any other positives about the navigational side of this site. We had high hopes coming into this review but it genuinely feels like Pinnacle Sports is falling short in every department.

Key Features

Pinnacle Sports once again does not fulfil expectations when it comes to the key features. The number of features it offers customers are a bit low in quantity. Even those that are available can hardly be called key features. Here are the main features offered at Pinnacle Sports.

In-Play Betting

Let's be honest, it would be hard for them to mess this up. Every Tom, Dick, and Harry is doing it these days. Pinnacle Sports is aware that it is popular with customers and it makes sure it does not miss out on offering these markets to its customers.


Esports markets are available at other bookies but we are yet to have seen a bookmaker online that offers such comprehensive coverage of the esports markets as Pinnacle Sports. For that accolade alone, Pinnacle Sports deserves a tip of the cap.

Betting Resources

This is a feature that Pinnacle Sports are clearly proud of as it takes pride and place in the tabs alongside its other brands. Unfortunately, it might not be a section that is to everyone's taste. Articles, previews, and strategies are all listed on this page as a resource feed adds new content regularly. At the end of the day, it's all stuff you can find on Google anyway. The inclusion of a handicap table and glossary do little to make it more worthwhile.


if you do not know what API is then you are not an idiot. It is a rarely-used phrase called Application Programming Interface that basically lets customers customise their experience at Pinnacle Sports. It's a tidy little feature but unlikely to be one that will make a customer join the site.

Mobile Betting

If there is one area that Pinnacle Sports actually gets it right in (as well as their esports product) then it is the mobile product. The mobile section can be easily reached through a link present in the tabs along the top of the landing page.

Once you have accessed that section then Pinnacle Sports offers you the chance to go mobile and access the mobile version of the site. It also explains in detail what you can access on the mobile version. Build a bet ticket, fund on the go, and one click live odds are just some of the catchy phrases that the bookmaker uses to promote its mobile product. Jesus Christ, the mobile product already sounds more appealing than their desktop offering!

Sadly, there is no mobile app available to download for this bookmaker. The mobile version of the site is a bit of a jumbled mess but all of the odds are a lot easier to reach than on the desktop version so that is a positive for the mobile product.

Customer Service

The customer support option for Pinnacle Sports is not the best but it is not the worst. If you can find it in the bottom right corner of the page then it is a case of short but sweet. If you click on the contact us link then a pop-up box will appear. You will then be asked to put in your email address, subject title, and a message. You can then click to submit.

Another contact us link is available through the help section. Once again, you might need a sat nav to find it. In that area, you will find an email address to contact and there is also a snail mail address. There is, unfortunately, no sign of a telephone number. Clearly, Pinnacle Sports do not want to help their customers very much!

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