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Updated: 11/12/2018
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What is the Betstars Bonus Code?

The Betstars bonus code relates to the Sportsbook arm of the brand and will change often due to promotional events and periods of the year. We update all bonus codes below as and when we receive them.

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Betstars Review

BetStars is the sports betting website operation that has grown from the seeds of the online poker site PokerStars. It is a product that has not been without its controversies, particularly in the poker world, but it exists as a competitive bookmaker in a very crowded market.

BetStars was launched in December 2015 under the Amaya Gaming umbrella and has offered customers a chance to bet on one of 23 sporting markets since it began operations. The bookmaker invested a lot of money into promoting its brands with ambassador deals struck with a number of famous sports people including Neymar, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Fatima Moreira de Melo.

It has gone on to become one of the most talked about online bookies of all-time with many still unsure about how attractive the bookmaker is given its history as an online poker brand that was involved in a high-profile legal battle with the US government.

Betstars Bookie Offers & Promotions

BetStars is very much an apprentice on the online bookmaker scene with some old war horses currently leading the way with bonus offers and promotions so the site can be forgiven for being a little short in their promotional offerings.

Here is a list of promotional offers and bonuses that BetStars has available at the moment. This is more of a focus on the long term offers. Short term offers are not included. To get a better idea of any short term offers available on the site then you should visit the site and check them out.

£20 Worth of Free Bets Welcome Bonus

Win up to £100 with Multiple Bets

Faller Insurance (Horse Racing)

Money-Back Accumulator Insurance (US Sports)

Spin and Bet (Football)

Betstars User Experience

BetStars has experience of running an online gambling website so that suggests that they should have a fairly reasonable idea of what the customer wants so we are expecting big things here.

Fair play, first impressions are encouraging. It feels stream-lined, organised, and not too over-crowded which can be a mistake that a lot of online bookies make. 

The sports tabs across the top prioritise the main sporting markets with football, horse racing, tennis, basketball, American football, and baseball given priority. Do not fear if your sport is not here because BetStars offers a drop-down menu for the remaining sporting markets in an A-Z format so you will have no problem finding your market. Good start.

The main body content of the front page is organised into four tabs. Firstly, let's say that these tabs are all crucial elements of the site so BetStars has done well to accommodate them all so clearly on the site. Highlights offers the latest markets or most important markets coming up. In-play gives easy access to those markets. Promotions allows easy access to the bonus offers that the site is offering. Then the results section is where punters can check their progress. Everyone you need right in front of you. Great design.

Further positive aspects include the customer service section being fairly obvious at the top of the screen, the presence of the betting slip in the top right is almost a mandatory pre-requisite these days, and there is the understandable adverts for the site's betting partners in the form of Leicester City FC and the BHA.

Unfortunately, BetStars offers no promotional content for its mobile product. It is available to download as a mobile app but you would be forgiven for thinking that BetStars did not even have a mobile offering.

As mentioned above, the knowledge BetStars navigational side of the site is spot on. It is a fine art to get the balance right between packing the site with the right information and not making it too confusing. Luckily, BetStars utilises this experience of site navigation to the full.

The availability of the different sporting markets across the top tab and then in the drop-down menu makes any sport very convenient to reach. The current markets and most vital markets are also right there in front of you on the main body content.

BetStars is also not shy in offering its poker and casino products at the top of the page so the switching between those different brands is very easy and the bookmaker also offers adverts for its other brands throughout the sites so they are always one click away.

The lack of easy navigation towards the mobile product is probably the biggest vice. Arguably, it could be said the only vice. The general navigation is easy to use and the signs that BetStars know exactly what they are doing when it comes to catering for the punters are clear to see everywhere.

Betstars Mobile Betting

It seems very frustrating and bizarre that BetStars does not show more enthusiasm in its mobile product. The website has next to no evidence that the bookmaker even has a mobile product and that is the one flaw of this bookmaker.

There does appear to be a widely available iOS app but the Android product is not available in all countries but can be downloaded in some territories. It is a product that could do with more exposure because it is not a bad mobile product.

Betstars Key Features

An online bookmaker in its formative years is never going to offer the huge array of features that other mainstream rivals will be able to deliver but there are still some attractive features. The Spin and Bet feature is the stand-out but we will cover that more as a promotional offer because it does cross between those two.

The in-play markets are also very impressive. In-play has become a pivotal part of sports betting so it is very pleasing to see that BetStars are delivering this in abundance and it is something they are delivering effectively.

A how to guide helps punters through the steps of different sections on the site which shows that BetStars is aware that both experienced and new punters will be visiting their sight so there is not an elitist attitude. This is emphasised with the general sports rules section.

That is about it for features but that is something that could well change over the coming months as the site's user base expands. Features such as cash out and enhanced odds will likely come into play so the next step of BetStars' evolutionary process will be very interesting.

Betstars Customer Service

It is always a good sign when an online bookmaker makes its customer service option easily viewable and that is exactly what BetStars has done here. The link at the top of the page is a pleasant change from other bookies that hide it away in any nook or cranny they can find to make it as difficult as possible for punters to find it.

There is then a small level of disappointment that the contact options are not as comprehensive as at other bookies. The FAQ is as standard but after that the contact support form appears to be the only realistic method of contacting BetStars. No wonder it says 24/7 customer service!

The lack of an email address, snail mail address, or telephone number is a bit annoying but at least BetStars shows some willingness to let you communicate with them in the first place. The quality of help is competent but it certainly is a very true case of not too bad but could do a lot better than the current offering.

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