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Review updated on 24th July 2017

Spreadex are a spread betting company but also offer fixed odds as well, which makes them quite unique. Their current new customer offer is above.


About Spreadex

There is no more exciting way to bet on sports than via the medium of spread betting. Spreadex offers hundreds of markets on a multitude of sports events every day. These two-way markets give you the opportunity to bet for or against the prediction by going higher or lower. The more right you are, the more you can win, but of course, the opposite is true if you get it wrong. The more wrong you are, the more you can lose, and you can lose more than your initial stake.

Take football for example – Spreadex might forecast that there will be 3 goals in a game and offer a quote of 2.9 – 3.1 goals – this is known as the spread. If you think there will be more goals you would buy at 3.1, if you think there might be less, you would sell at 2.9.

If you bought for £20 a goal at 3.1 and there were 5 goals in the game you would win £38 or 1.9 X £20 as this is the difference between the final result and the price at which you bought. If, however, there were only two goals in the game, you would lose £22, which is the difference between 3.1 and 2 goals (1.1) X £20.

The same principle applies to batsman’s runs in a cricket game, points in a rugby match, winning distances in a horse race meeting and in almost any market you care to imagine across almost every sporting event staged every day.

One of the key attractions and benefits of spread betting is that you can bet right up to the final whistle, so to speak. Spreadex offer prices ‘in-running’ on most major sporting events so you can take a profit, cut a loss or simply make a decision ‘in-running’ on an event you are watching live. And, just like with financial spread betting, sports spread betting is currently free from capital gains tax and stamp duty. However, tax laws could change in the future and depend on personal circumstances.

When placing a bet on a particular sports market you can hover over the 'i' button to the left of the market for some basic information on how this market works. Please be aware that this is basic information only and doesn't cover all the rules and regulations governing that particular market.

What cards and payment options do Spreadex.com have?

All of the major credit cards are accepted, amongst other payment options, see below for card options.

Visa, Mastercard, Visa Delta, Maestro and Solo.



How can I place bets with Spreadex?

You can place bets with Spreadex on the internet at www.spreadex.com or via their phone betting service.

Tel (UK): 08000 526 575
Tel (International): +44 1727 895 090



What currency can I bet in at Spreadex?

UK Pounds (GBP)
Euros (EUR)
US Dollars (USD)

What languages are available at Spreadex?

English only.

How can I contact Spreadex Customer Services?

Tel (UK): 01727 895 000
Tel (International): +44 1727 895 000

Email: info@spreadex.com


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