About Punters Lounge

Punters Lounge is part of a network of sites under the company umbrella of Net Income Ltd, a registered company at Companies House

2000 - Early Punters Lounge

Originally Punters Lounge was only a football betting forum, but it quickly became known for having the smarter punter, and helping new members to also become better punters, something it has continued to do over the years and will always do.

2005 - Change of ownership

Ollie Ormiston was the original owner of Punters Lounge and he did a great job, before he joined the army and sold the website to Paul Ross. Due to Ollie's new found priorities it was now Paul's job to take the website further, but that couldn't be done single handed. It required the help of around 40 awesome dedicated moderators, who always did and to this day do a fantastic job on the forum. 

Early 2011 - More than a forum

We decided PL needed to be more than just a forum, so we hired writers to give betting previews every day on all sports and horse racing. We also have unique football ratings, a type of rating that no other site has to this day and they can be found on the Punters Lounge home page. Betting Articles and guides added. Free Bets and Bookmakers page allowing you to choose by language, currency, amount of Free Bet etc...

2011- Integration & Major Upgrade

2011 saw a major upgrade of the site, and integrating 3 sites into 1 and of course nothing ever goes smoothly with major upgrades and for a week it was a nightmare! However, we worked tirelessly through the bugs and we ended up with a much more professional and integrated website, that would allow us to expand further, rather than the limitations the old site had.

We also expanded our football forums from 7 to 27, to make things easier for members and visitors to find and this has worked very well, making us the biggest football betting forum in the world without question and the most well structured.

We also integrated our Tipster Competition and increased prize money to £1400, but as they run on 2 very different softwares a registration is required for both, so please note that if using both.

2012 Onwards

Lots more to come with a specific livescores site so members don't need to go to other sites and it is one of the best out there. We have much more to come too, but it all needs careful planning and development before we make the site even better than it is now.

However much we do to make the site great, there's one thing that is defining of Punters Lounge being great, and that is the members who post on the forum, it is those people who are the greatest contributors and we recognise that.